What We Do

Wellness Programs

We understand the impact of trauma shaping women’s experiences.

Where possible we encourage you to prioritise health and wellbeing for healing. Liberty has developed an engaging series to support healing, wellness and restorative self care. Liberty connects with local community members to offer a series of fun wellbeing programs throughout the year.  Thanks to local supporters the programs are available free or low-cost for women who access our service.

What to expect

Our programs are inclusive, relaxed and most importantly fun. Take a step outside your comfort zone if you wish or simply take part for good company and enjoyment.

Along the way you will:

  1. Learn new skills
  2. Meet new friends
  3. Begin a journey to healing
  4. Create confidence
  5. Support connections

Reach your goals

The activities are chosen to help you reach goals across a range of areas:

  1. standard of living
  2. personal health and fitness
  3. relationships and safety
  4. achievements in life
  5. community connectedness
  6. future security

How do I get involved?

Call us or get in touch! We will talk you through the registration process. We’d also love to hear from you if you have an idea around an activity or wellness initiatives that you think would help you.

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Your story..

“I’ve learnt and challenged myself. It took my mind off things completely and I was able to relax. I wasn’t sure I could do it. But it was doable and fun. I feel more motivated. Very encouraging and beneficial. I’m stoked.”

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