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Group support DUSK

Together we share knowledge and understanding.

This program runs for 8 weeks during each school term on a Tuesday morning. Attendance is free. If requested Liberty can provide free transport and childcare for preschool aged children.

What is DUSK?

DUSK stands for Discuss and Understand our Shared Knowledge.

This is a supportive 8 week closed group program for women who have experienced domestic and family violence. It is a safe space for women to Discuss and Understand our Shared Knowledge.

As a group, we work together to build knowledge, understanding and self-esteem. We value and respect each woman’s own unique journey.

Download the DUSK brochure

Who is it for?

DUSK is for any woman who has had any experience of domestic and family violence, including:

  1. those who remain in their relationship
  2. those who have left their relationship 
  3. women who feel unsafe because of the behaviour of  family members such as teenage or adult children

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Your story..

"The way you have treated me has given me the inspiration to stand on my own two feet when I was down on the floor. Every second of help and support has empowered me, given me hope, strengthened my spirit and opened the door for me to follow my own path."

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