What We Do

Support for women

Our team is approachable, connected and welcoming.

Approachable and sensitive to your situation

Our approachable team is sensitive to your needs and individual circumstances. We offer culturally appropriate and inclusive support to suit the needs of women from diverse cultural backgrounds, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and women with disabilities.

Kindhearted and confidential conversations

We connect with you to explore your hopes and dreams for you and your family. We respect your privacy and confidentiality. You will be guided to share your situation so that we can support you to make decisions that are right for you.

Warm and welcoming spaces for your safety

Liberty offers women a safe, supportive and nurturing space to explore your next steps – whatever they may be. Through our team’s shared wisdom and professional support we help you access the services you need, safely and with confidence.

When you are ready, contact us and we will guide you through our support services.

Liberty offers a range of supports for women, these include:


Referrals to support services


Information and advocacy


Case management


Improved financial security


Education and employment


Health and wellbeing support

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Crisis Accommodation

Our crisis accommodation is located at Galbaan House, a safe place to stay for women and children in need of short term crisis accommodation and support. Women tell us they feel at ease and at home staying here. Assistance will be offered based on your individual situation. 

Transitional Housing

Transitional housing is an important step in the journey towards a violence-free life. It is an opportunity to gain a rental history, establish independence and find the confidence to recover from trauma.

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