What We Do

Transitional housing

Transitional housing is an important step in the journey towards a violence-free life. It is an opportunity to gain a rental history, establish independence and find the confidence to recover from trauma.

Am I eligible?

You may be eligible for transitional housing if you are:

  1. Leaving domestic and family violence
  2. At imminent risk of homelessness
  3. Located within the Port Macquarie Hastings Local Government Area

How can I access Transitional Housing?

Liberty leverages our community connections to help you access housing. Together we will identify options to find and maintain a home. This could be: 

  1. medium-term housing through community partnerships
  2. assistance to secure long-term housing such as private rental

The next steps

We offer a holistic service and immediate support. To access help:

  1. Call Liberty on 6583 2155
  2. Our Intake Worker will explore your needs
  3. Assistance will be offered based on your situation

Get in touch

With the current rental crisis and ongoing needs of women escaping domestic violence demand for our housing services is growing. Support our services and consider a donation today.

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