Domestic Violence Support

I am looking for help for someone else

If you have concerns for someone you know there are simple steps you can take to support their safety. It is important to know it is ok to say something.

You can support your friend to make their own choices, when they are ready. Be there to listen and if the time is right encourage them to contact Liberty.

If someone you know needs help immediately, please contact the police on 000 or call the national 24 hour helpline 1800 RESPECT. 

You can suggest they contact Liberty Domestic & Family Violence Specialist Services during the hours of 8.30am – 4:30pm on 02 6583 2155 Monday to Friday or request a call back by completing our contact form. 

Support for women

Liberty offers a range of supports for women in the Port Macquarie Hastings community. Our team is approachable, connected and welcoming. When you are ready, contact us and we will guide you through our support services.

How we can support you

What can you do to help someone you care about?

Domestic and family violence is not just physical — it can also be emotional, financial, social, legal and can include stalking and neglect. If someone tells you that they think they might be experiencing violence, take a look at the list below to understand how you might be able to support them.


Believe them and take their fears seriously. This is important no matter what you think of the person or people who hurt them.


Listen without interrupting or judging.


Never blame the person experiencing the violence for what has happened to them. Violence is never OK.


Don’t make excuses for the person who has hurt them.


Understand that they may not be ready or it may not be safe to leave. Don’t try to force them to do what you think is best


Help in practical ways, with transport, appointments, child minding, or a place to stay.

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Our Services

Liberty offers much needed services for women and families in the Port Macquarie Hastings community. Our services are designed to help women who are experiencing domestic and family violence or abusive relationships.


Our Programs

We help families through all stages of their journey towards safety and have a number of programs for children, families, individuals and groups. View our programs and ask your case manager for information.

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