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Nettie’s Brave Shave4DFV

pencil Posted 28th January

In a brave bid to raise awareness of the many types of domestic and family violence and to fundraise for local support service, Liberty, Annette Johnson will be shaving her head on Saturday 6 February.

By chopping off her long golden locks, ‘Nettie’ hopes to start conversations about DV, help change the stereotype and collect donations through her fundraising page

Annette grew up in a family unit affected by domestic and family violence, but because it wasn’t physical abuse, she didn’t recognise it at the time.

“I thought it was just my family dynamic. Now we know much more about the various forms of violence such as psychological abuse and how DV affects all members of the family including children,” Annette said.

“Domestic violence has also recently affected a number of people who I love, and the lack of understanding they have encountered saddens me.”

Annette is passionate about working with children and supporting local families. She has worked in Early Childhood Education and Care for 25 years, delivered Child Protection training and started her own Family Day Care business eight years ago.

CEO of Liberty Domestic and Family Violence Specialist Services Kelly Lamb said the donations were coming at a critical time for the organisation and would make a real difference in the lives of local women and children.

“Domestic and family violence in our community has been increasing year on year. During COVID-19, we have seen an increase in the number of incidents and the complexity of violence, and the weeks following the holiday season always bring a spike in calls for support,” Mrs Lamb said.

“We are amazed to see Annette has already raised $3700 towards her $5000 goal and we are so grateful to her and everyone who has donated.”

Mrs Lamb said domestic violence can take many forms, not just physical abuse, but also psychological, verbal, emotional, social and financial abuse.

“There are widespread calls to criminalise coercive control and the NSW Government is currently holding an inquiry into this pattern of dominating and controlling behaviour that essentially strips away the victim’s freedoms and sense of self.”

Photo Caption – Annettte Johnson shows off her lovely new look after shaving her head to raise funds for Liberty

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